Go My Code is the 21st century innovative coding school that teaches youth :

Coding & The principles of software development using the latest technologies
Shipping real technology products from design to monetization
Soft skills: collaboration, team work, critical thinking, social creativity and communication

Founded by 19 year old CEO Yahya Bouhlel. After spending two summers in Silicon Valley working in startups, participating in hackathons and meeting successful entrepreneurs like Sam Altman (YCombinator), Eric Migicovsky (Pebble watch) and Jeremy Rossman (Make School)

Yahya was inspired to create a coding school in Tunisia that has the spirit, energy and creativity of Silicon Valley. He organized the first summer camp during the 2016 summer and it was very successful..

More than 200 students participated in our programs. Yahya is now working on developing Go My Code and making it the best technology school in Africa for those who want to build their own startup, start a career in technology or become a freelancer".

"The time has come for the tunisian youth to do what they love and to work on interesting ad fulfilling projects. Our latest summer camp proved to me and to the GoMyCode team that our country is full of smart, dynamic and creative people. The mission of GoMyCode is to help these people understand technology and use it to pursue their dreams" Yahya Bouhlel, Founder&CEO of GoMyCode


Empower our students to build their own startups

We aim at giving our students the opportunity to work on a product from design to monetization. This will allow them to face all the challenges that we can face when building a real-life startup. After attending our school, students will be prepared, inspired and motivated like never before to start their own business.

Empower our students to start a career in technology

Traditional schools are obsolete. Technology students are not prepared for a professional environment and lack a lot of practical knowledge and techniques. What is more, other-field students want to kickstart a technology career and don't find effective accelerated programs. To all students, we say, we are here to help you do what you love and pursue the career of your dreams.

Empower our students to work as independent freelancers

For our educational system, the word freelancer does not exist. However, studies predict that in 2030, one engineer in three will be a freelancer. Freelancing is already considered as a career choice. How to start freelancing ? How to make money ? How can I progress ? We answer all these questions and teach you the technologies you will need to kickstart your journey as a freelancer.

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Community focused

GMC activity involves working with multiple communities (students, developers, instructors, experts, speakers and coworking spaces). We value our communities and work with them closely to develop them and make them more open to each other. We provide a wonderful place where developers, designers, creators and change makers can meet, connect, share and work on cool products. For each community we have a program that aims at making them engaged in our mission: Students : Ambassador program , Hackathons, Alumni reunions, Partnerships with tech clubs, Coding & design Workshops, Presence in events Instructors & tech experts : Meeting other experts, Sharing knowledge, Social recognition, Trainings, Participation in international tech events Speakers & mentors : Connecting speakers between each other, Giving them the opportunity to share their experiences & ideas, Social recognition among our community, Bringing High level speakers (thinkers, builders & founders) Organizations : Coworking spaces, Tech Companies, Fondations, Schools & Universities, Incubators


Curriculum engineering and technology intelligence laboratory (R&D Laboratory ):

The GMC lab helps us understand technology trends, test them and create teaching programs that are up to date. Our students will always be ready to join tech companies or to create their startups using latest technologies. The lab is composed of experts, experienced engineers, passionate developers and open source software contributors.


Instructor system

GMC is self learning based. However, we use instructors to accelerate the learning curve of our students. More than that, they are make it happen captains. They help our students learn best practices, create their products and finish them. They are also the ones who transmits our values of determination, passion, curiosity, respect and tolerance to students.


Highly project based

You will clone famous games, apps and websites. You will also learn about your product industry and what makes a product great.


Innovative e-learning platform

Through our online platform, you will have access to all our resources, courses and online help from our instructors. We also use the platform to run the business and monitor all the stakeholders (students, instructors, speakers…)


On-site and online learning program

Our program combines both online and offline activities. You will attend talks by entrepreneurs and professional software developers and take part in workshops.


Offline activities to build soft skills

First days will be about breaking the ice and knowing each others and also coming with project ideas and pitches