Success Story

GMC activity involves working with multiple communities (students, developers, instructors, experts, speakers and coworking spaces). We value our communities and work with them closely to develop them and make them more open to each other. We provide a wonderful place where developers, designers, creators and change makers can meet, connect, share and work on cool products.

Here’s some stories and experiences from our awesome communities ! 

Carolyn Zelenetz (Software Engineer at Google)

Stuck In Space | Helmi Bardaa

" GoMyCode summer camp was honestly one of the best experiences in my life. I loved it so much and I miss it. What i most liked about GMC is the place. It was so comfortable and people in there are so kind and loving. I also loved the coaches who were by our side during the whole camp to guide us and help us in case we faced problems. I'm glad i've met other Go My Coders too, they are like a family now. GMC was perfect. I think I'm so lucky becasue I was there and I hope I'll be part of it next year."

Carolyn Zelenetz (Software Engineer at Google)

Escape My Code | Azza Krichen

"Before coming to gmc i didin't know how to write any single line of code , and here i am now with my own game . Lovely atmosphere , great instructors and unforgettable memories , that's how i spent my 20 days on this summer camp . It's not only about learning how to code , it's about sharing ,making new friends and even changing your perspective of the things. I definitely recommend it anyone who wants to make a change in their life ."

Carolyn Zelenetz (Software Engineer at Google)

AgainstTheFlow | Amir Braham

Amir Braham, 14 years old created and developed AgainstTheFlow with his fellow Khalil, Jasser, Ahmed and Akram AgainstTheFlow ; Get your Submarine to the highest point possible while avoiding all kind of obstacles ! Against the flow , a challenging arcade game ! how far can you go ? , they won best team work award

Carolyn Zelenetz (Software Engineer at Google)

Ziga | Youssef Mkaddem

Youssef won best fun game award, he created Ziga ; very addictive game where you have to avoid the upcoming abstacles and when you loose you have to answer the quiz to survive and keep playing .

Carolyn Zelenetz (Software Engineer at Google)

Jumpy Slime | Chedly Chanchah

Chedly Chanchah created jumpy slim and won best game award . Jumpy slim is mobile game ; the character in the game is a square that have to cross the map in a very smart way. the game is very addictive and fun. available in the appstore soon .

Carolyn Zelenetz (Software Engineer at Google)

Khalil Liouane | Khalil Liouane

After GMC , Khalil went to paris for the championshipof logic games . And in september he went to New York because he had an invitation from the United Nations as one of the 17 youth panelists from the whole world in the education commission. And he is now presenting Tunisia , north africa,muslims and arab .He is studying Pharmacy in Monastir and thinking to open a non profit startup that help teenagers from the age of 12 to 25 soft skills.