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Our full time program will help you land a job in technology. It's a 12-week intensive program targeted at university graduates and those wanting to change their career path.

You will learn what it takes to start a job as a software developer anywhere in the world and to succeed in a such career. You will learn the basics of software development, the latest technologies and the newest development methodologies. We are the first coding school to offer up-to-date coding education with the latest technologies and frameworks. Our program is inspired by what is being done at Google, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Netflix, Walmart, and PayPal. What is more, you will have the opportunity to work in teams on challenging projects and to develop your communication and social creativity skills. Join our program, learn to code and the world is yours

xp2   The Experience


Instructor system

GMC is self learning based. However, we use instructors to accelerate the learning curve of our students. More than that, they are make it happen captains. They help our students learn best practices, create their products and finish them.
highlyproject 2_1


Highly project based

You will clone famous games, apps and websites. You will also learn about your product industry and what makes a product great.


On-site and online learning program

Our program combines both online and offline activities. You will attend talks by entrepreneurs and professional software developers and take part in workshops.

Offline activities to build soft skill

First days will be about breaking the ice and knowing each others and also coming with project ideas and pitches

data_2  What is a "full-stack" developer ?

A "stack" refers to the layers of technologies between the server hardware and the end-user's browser required for a complete web application. Within this somewhat simplistic definition, you can further divide the stack into two parts: the front-end and the back-end. A front-end engineer specializes in the interactive, user-facing portion of a web app: the look and feel, color scheme, animations, buttons, and all the rest that makes up the user interface ("UI"). A back-end engineer works with servers, queries databases, writes APIs, and developes algorithms to hand the appropriate information back to their front-end counterparts. A "full stack" developer is one with experience and knowledge of both the front-end and the back-end. There are several popular stacks to choose from, and the more exposure you have to different technologies, the more versatile and in demand you'll be as a developer. Javascript, though historically a front-end language, recently made the leap to the server-side as well (thanks to Node.js). Fullstack js refers to the technologies and frameworks used to develop web and mobile applications using only one programming language which is javascript. Google and Facebook are the main contributors to the javascript technologies.

dailyprog2    Daily program : A Day in the Life

09:00 AM

Coffee and Review

Get your coffee and join the class as we we kick off with some algorithmic, exercises, lectures and pieces of advice from your instructors. Your instructor will review your code and project and help you solve all your problems..

09:30 AM

Lessons 1 & 2

The first lessons are all about introducing you to new concepts. You will keep learning from instructors.

11:30 AM

Lessons 3 & 4

We keep learning with instructors to face the afternoon labs with ease.

1:30 PM


Recharge your mind and your stomach. Eat some food and get back to code.

3:00 AM

Pair Programming Exercise

You will get the opportunity to work in an exercise with a classmate.You will practise coding exercises on our online platform. Instructors will be in classroom and eager to help you explain concepts and improve your code.

4.30 AM

Daily exercise

Code, code and code !. You will always have instructors  to help you.

6:00 AM

Extra time/Events

We invite you to join events like meetups, workshops,  networking sessions and with the guest speakers.

Untitled-1  what you’ll learn 

You will learn the most known technologies for the job market today. More importantly, you'll learn how to stay prepared for the job market tomorrow :



Markup Language Building block of the Web



Cascading Style Sheets Stylize your HTML.



Scripting Language Introduce variables & logic.



"Write less, do more"



Beautify sites easily



JS Object Notation Data interchange format.



Javascript Libraries Give your JS superpowers


Apache Web Server

Open source web server



A SQL Database Server Store & retrieve data the SQL way


Python Programming Language

Make your pages dynamic.



Amazon Web Services AWS Servers even host the CIA's sites.


Node.js Javascript Platform

Take JS to the server.

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